On two occasions my father took me to the Old Spanish Gold Mine that he first visited in the early 1930s. This was several miles from our usual stomping grounds and required a long hike across the mountain, over and around rugged foothills, into the mouth of a small canyon and up a rocky ravine. As the canyon narrows, a well-worn trail becomes evident. that you are are following a trail. Continuing up the mountain

Trail Marker about 1.5 miles from Old Mine, Done on side of road in 68 by persons unknown

The mine complex consists of a vertical shaft of undetermined depth, a small stone house structure, two square currals, a set of center currals, a low wall crossing the ravine and a rock on which some forgotten oldtimer had carved dates.

However, I was recently informed by a more knowledgeable person - my Father himself - that it was Jack Burkett who showed him the mine. Jack ran the general merchandise store in Maricopa in the 30s, and reportedly heard of the mine from some of the Indians who would come in, do their buying and sit and tell stories.

Old and Lost? or from late 1900s?

One question had always intrigued me: Was the Old Spanish Gold Mine really that? Was it built/dug in the early 1700s or is it much more recent? Were they really after gold or was dug to obtain some less noble mineral? Was it old? Was it Spanish? Was it dug for gold. At least I was sure that it was a mine.

This doesn't really belong here - a twilight picture of the Estrellas in Backgroud and downtown Tempe below.

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