Legends of the Estrellas

Estrellas and moon over Phoenix

This is real stuff, except maybe for the treasure part. Although I have gotten E-mails from far away as Australia asking about the treasure buried at Montezumas Head, I must say that these are only a nice stories to tell around the camp fire. There ain't nothin there that involves gold or silver (and if there were, would I tell you?)

I do know something about mines, petrographs, UFOs, airplane wrecks, massacre sites and other tales of the Estrellas. When I find time and extract the materials from the 250 or so articles and documents I have on the region (around 2005 or so) I will put them here. Until then, I would settle for a good road map showing roads (if you dare call them that) in the back areas of the Estrellas.

Anyway, the simple fact is that the Estrellas have more stories than any other mountains, easily. Time has taken a toll of most of them, but family stories and magazine articles exists that I will share with you.

This section will dedicate a paragraph or two to each of the following subjects (as I find time):


Do not go the Estrella backcountry without being prepared! (for the worst). This is the voice of experience. The two boys and I almost died out there once, a matter of no water (a long and ugly story!). I never though it would happen to me. I had to shoot old Sam because he was drinking all the water and then refused to walk. The famous photographer John Annerino almost suffered the same fate in the Estrellas. Also, be aware that the roads are not anything to write home about. You will get your car scratched up and you may get stuck in the sand or a washed-out ravine. Always take water, food, shovels and jackets! It can get real cold between October to March. Did I mention snakes? Oh yes, a good portion of the area belongs to the Pimas, and they ask you to be respectful of their land and heritage. Do not discharge firearms on the reservation. Last but not least, anyone leaving beer cans, glass or other foreign objects is in real trouble. If you happen to have a can of spray paint, I personnally will cut off your little fingers and feed them to the scorpions.

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